Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Double Funeral in Texas About 1930

These old snapshots turned up at my local antique mall for 35 cents each. I’ve identified these as Texas photos, because they were developed at the Fox Studio in San Antonio and are so stamped on the back. Fox used the familiar, trademark border that can be seen in the photos, and they were very reliable and inexpensive. Folks all over Texas, including my ancestors, mailed their films to Fox for developing and printing.

This young married couple died at the same time, and I assume it was a car crash or some other accident. These pictures document both caskets, opened and closed, at the cemetery; the mourners; and the side-by-side burial. The crowd in the background can be seen on close inspection, and many of the people are crying and holding handkerchiefs to their faces. What a tremendous sorrow this must have been.

© 2009, copyright Stephen Mills


  1. Thank you for such fascinating and informative pieces. I have never seen anything quite like these photos taken as a memento of the departed before. It makes me wonder when this practice would have stopped? ( has it? )

    I know that having an open casket for viewing by relatives and friends has always been a widely accepted practice in the USA and that us British are a far more reserved bunch. Unless you are Catholic of course, we keep the lid firmly shut and as for photos.....

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback and glad you enjoy the blog. I'd say the practice has mostly died out, although I've recently heard from some readers who say it's alive and well in their families. So, although it's still around, it's not widely accepted as it once was. Thanks again, Stephen