Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scottsville Cemetery, near Marshall, Harrison County, Texas

The Scottsville Cemetery is four miles east of Marshall, Harrison County, Texas and is filled with wonderful, artistic old funeral monuments. These two antique photographs were taken about 1910 by the Parker-Corti Studio in Marshall. One shows the cemetery entrance with the chapel in the background and the other is a close-up of the chapel. Each is identified on the back and one has the notation “Mrs. P. Youree”. I assumed they belonged to Mrs. Youree who died in 1934 and is buried at Scottsville. This is a very old Texas community, founded by the William Scott family who moved to this area in 1840.

Select this link to view cemetery listings and photographs of many of the monuments. Scottsville is several hundred miles from my home, but is definitely on my list of cemeteries to visit and photograph.

© 2010, copyright Stephen Mills


  1. Great old pictures! Thanks for sharing

  2. My wife and I got to visit Scottsville Cemetery over this past week. Well worth the trip. Well kept landscape, very historical. Looking forward to going back again and see more of the area's attractions.

  3. My husband's band(Darby Warren Project)just shot a music video at the Scottsville Cemetery.
    The song is called, Wildflower. The legend is that wildflowers were sprinkled on the graves of loved ones, and if their soul was good....the wildflowers would grow. Here is a link to the video. Enjoy!

  4. I was really shocked to find that such a elegant and beautiful cemetery with rich history and granite or marbile statues that will take your breath away was in my back yard and i never knew. Here is a link in photos to my experience its something that if your within a hundred mile you must see.